Healthy Collagen

World’s First Salmon Skin Collagen + Herbal Extract
Skin aging is a natural occurrence on human skin related to environmental factors, genetic makeup,nutrition, and other factors.
It changes the physical structure of the skin layer,decreasing in cutaneous blood circulation and collagen production.

What damages collagen ?

Aging :
Collagen production naturally declines with age,
collagen synthesis begins to decline around the age of 40,
with a dramatic reduction in synthesis in women after menopause.

High sugar consumption :
a diet high in sugar leading to make collagen dry, brittle, and weak.

Smoking :
many of the chemicals in tobacco damage both collagen and elastin
in the skin and also decrease the blood circulation to outer layers of
the skin, reducing in delivery of nutrients and oxygen,affect directly
to the skin health.

Sunlight :
Ultraviolet ray in sunlight cause collagen to break down at an increased rate.

Blood circulation : The Key for anti-aging
The real key to anti-aging is blood circulation since the circulatory system carries essential substances through organ to organ and cell to cell and also affects collagen production, oxygenation and detoxification.

  • Nourishment The circulatory system carries precious nutrients, hormones and other chemicals to skin cell.
  • Collagen Production Blood circulation impact directly on the collagen formation. As the circulation slows down when we get older, the more reducing in collagen production and increasing in collagen damage is occurred.
  • Oxygenation Our red blood cells carry oxygen, oxygen is important for feeding and replenishing our tissues and without it they become damaged and start to degrade.
  • Detoxification As we age detoxification also slows down. Toxic overload leads to creation of free radicals that can damage our tissues.

Blood flow is a powerful effect on the healthiness of body and skin, the real holistic healthy aging.


The unique formula  for healthy and  beauty skin

The miracle combination of  Collagen + Herbal Extract  activates and maintains  your skin’s beauty from within.

Premium Collagen Peptides refined in Switzerland

Premium collagen peptides from salmon skin imported from Switzerland, enriched with amino acids, including glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, alanine and other amino acids, which are the good source of essential substances for collagen formation in skin layer.

Red Linhzhi Extract
The extract from red Linhzhi provides a holistic approach to younger skin by stimulating the blood circulation. The key factors in healthy, glowing skin is great circulation. Proper blood flow ensures even skin tone, nutrient delivery to the skin cells and the healthy detoxification of the skin.

The concentrated red Linhzhi extract obtained from the closed system cultivation and advanced extraction technology from Korea. The active ingredients extracted from Linhzhi – the king of herbs, will increase the body’s strength and stamina, reflecting the restoration of the beauty from inside starting at the cell level.