Remarkable points of the Linhzhimin product

Manufactured according to International Standard Procedures in Korea.
Imported by
Nature Biotec Co., Ltd, Thailand.

• The best variety of the Lingzhi
mushroom is selected for the
cultivating process. Furthermore,
the cultivation procedure uses a
specific control system to obtain
top quality of the Lingzhi mushroom.

• It is concentrated high quality Red Lingzhi extract, nourished by vitamins and minerals that benefits the body.

• The capsules are packed in strips with preventive foil, to avoid humidity and contamination.




1. What is Linhzhimim?
Linhzhimin is a dietary supplement product, a combination between red lingzhi extract, vitamins and minerals, in the form of a soft gel capsule to maximize the quality of the product, easy absorbed and provides maximum benefits to the body.


2. Where is Linhzhimin manufactured, and who is responsible for the worldwide distribution?
Linhzhimin is manufactured in Korea in special designed and designated factories. The products are imported by Nature Biotec Co.,Ltd, a Thai company, registered under the name “Linhzhimin”.


3. Who is the Distributor?
Nature Biotec Co.,Ltd, worldwide marketing partner, distributes and market the dietary supplements and healthcare products of high quality with international standards, supported by Heromycin Pharma Co.,Ltd, a company who has provided the service in the industry over more than 40 years.

4. How many years has Linhzhimin been imported and marketed in Thailand?รูปภาพ7
It has been marketed and distributed in Thailand close to 4 years.

5.What kind of Lingzhi is the Linhzhimin extracted from?
Red reishi or Ganoderma lucidum is found to contain the highest effective compounds among all reishi mushrooms

6. What form of packaging is used for the Linhzhimin?
Linhzhimin is packed in a soft gel capsule, easily dissolved within 5-15 minutes.Maximum therapeutical benefits can be experienced within a short time.

7. What is the level of Polysaccharide after taking Linhzhimin?
Pursuant to the results measured on Polysaccharide in Linhzhimin, conducted by a famous university, it has been stated that there is 39,9% of polysaccharide concentrated in the linhzhimin.

8. What is the contents of the Linhzimin capsule?
1 capsule of Linhzimin contains 920mg with 150mg of the red lingzhi extract. The remaining ingredients are vitamins and minerals.

9. What kind of patients are suitable for Linhzhimin?
Patients with allergies, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, clogged arteries, insomnia, and all health conscious people.

 10. Which vitamins and minerals have been combined with Linhzhimin and what are their benefits?

  • Beta-Carotene or Vitamin A.
    Stimulate growth, strengthening bones, reducing risk of cancer, stimulating immunity, treatment of ophthalmic inconveniences, reducing dark spots and wrinkles.
  • DL-Alpha tocopherol or Vitamin E.
    Able to reduce clustering of platelets and reduces the risk of coronary system disease.

11.  How can we ensure the product?
Linhzhimin product is certified by the Industrial Standard and the Quality Certification for the red Linghzi extract of the Linhzhimin.

Picture51.  GMP from the Korea Food and Drug Administration.
3.  ISO 9001:2008
4.  Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.


  • Riboflavin.
    Stimulate growth, reproductive system, skin improvement, nails, hair, ophthalmic inconveniences, headache and migraine.
  • Magnesium sulfate.
    Stabilization of the hormone production regarding the functions of the muscles, nerve system, digestion system, reproductive system, blood circulation and entire immune system.
  • Ferrous fumarate.
    Stimulate growth and helps to prevent illness.

Properties in anti-cancer

The report reveals that Lingzhi extract has the properties to fight with some enzyme and help anti-cancer (Lee, 1998).

From experimenting in the culture plate, it is found that when macrophage receives the Polysaccharide Lingzhi extract, the efficiency is increased to build the anti-cancer substance for 5 – 29 times (Wang, 1997). Moreover, from extracting and experimenting with cancel cells, it is found that β-D-glucan can directly be anti-cancer agent (Wandee, 1996).


Liver nourishment    

The properties in seizing free radicals can reduce the toxicity from toxin. According to the research, it is found that the juice extracted from Lingzhi can reduce the toxicity of carbon tetrachloride in a the rat’s liver (Lin JM, 1995).
Moreover, β-D-glucan and Polysaccharide in Lingzhi can also help cure liver cirrhosis in an experimental rat, with the properties to reduce the levels of fascia in the liver (Park 1997, Kim, 1999).

Benefit on the immunity system According to the experiment in rats, it is found that Lingzhi (LZ-8) affects the immunity system of the body. It can increase the spleen cell fission in rats and reduce the stimulation of the immunity by itself, which is beneficial for  diabetes patients. (Van, 1995).

Reduce blood pressure

From experimenting in rats and rabbits, it is found that the substance of triterpene such as Ganodernic acid has the properties in reducing  blood pressure (Kabir, 1988), (Lee, 1990).


The triterpene substance which is lucidumol A and ganoderic acid have the properties in anti-virus HIV 1 (el-Mekkawy, 1998), (Min, 1998). From experimenting with Verocell, it is found that the Lingzhi extract has the properties  killing the virus causing the disease, Herpes zoster and chickenpox (type 1 and type 2)  (Kim, 2000).

In 1998, Japan found that receiving 36 -72 grams of Lingzhi extract with hot water can relieve the pain of Herpes zoster (Hijikata, 1998).


Reduce sugar in blood
The substance in the Glycan group such as Ganoderan A, B, C has the properties in reducing the sugar levels in blood (Hikino, 1989).

Properties in preventing the Clumping of platelets
Adenosine can prevent the clumping of platelets (Tao, 1990).
In 1990, there was the measurement on clumping of platelets when being stimulated with ADP in 33 patients with Atherosclerosis, by allowing them to take 1 gram of Lingzhi, 3 times, for 2 weeks. It is found that clumping of platelets is less, which is beneficial for patients with thrombosis or Ischemic heart disease (Tao, 1990).