What is Zengo?
Zengo is concentrated red lingzhi extract in powder form, contains the ingredients : red lingzhi 300mg,


Remarkable Zengo.

Concentrated red lingzhi extract in powder form is the end product of a manufacturing procedure,  a specific extraction method by using Heat-air-Dry procedure that secures the higher concentration of the received red lingzhi extract.

The powder form of red linghzi is safe and clean according GMP manufacturing standard in Korea. The extract can be used in both, hot and cold water, without sediments from the raw materials.

Benefits of Zengo.
Increase energy and immunity for the body, refreshes the body, retains energy and enhances rejuvenation.

How to consume.
It can be dissolved in both hot and cold water, or other kind of beverages. 1 small sachet per day in tea, coffee or other kind of beverages.

Which groups of persons are advised for consumption.

Group of health awareness persons.
——–Can consume it for enhancing the immunity of the body.

Group of working people.
——–Enhancing immunity to the body to be
——–fresh, energetic and professionally efficient.

Group of elderly.
——–Enhancing immunity of the body against diseases.

Specific group.
——–Patients with allergy, diabetes and hypertension.

Which groups of people are prohibited to consume Zengo.
People who are allergic to mushrooms. Children, pregnant women and breast-feeding women.